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Expo Aprende Ceibal is a display of knowledge gained by teachers, educators, volunteers and collaborators,. The Expo gathers, documents and shares experiences of good practices and of lessons learnt during the past six years of Plan Ceibal’s operation.   The objective is to exchange  Plan Ceibal’s technological integration experiences  through specific activities that have led to transformation at an educational level or in community development.

It is an event for people with questions, for people with answers and for those who are interested in learning through guidance by national and international experts who will facilitate the exchange among participants.

The first Expo Aprende Ceibal took place in November 2012 with very positive results.  There were more than 1,200 in attendance, over 40 national and international experts and where 31 “good practices and lessons learnt”  experiences were shared.

This year, Plan Ceibal’s Expo Aprende Ceibal has gone international allowing agents from all over the world  to meet and disucuss the ways in which technology has been incorporated into educational and social development.

Highlights of Expo Aprende 2012